Hydrogen Refuelling Solutions

Containerised Refuelling Solutions - H2CORE™

H2H Energy's H2CORE™ range of containerised refuelling solutions reliably deliver hydrogen to your fuel cell electric cars, trucks, buses and boats on time and on budget. With short lead times, standardised configurations and unique functionality, facilitating increased performance over the standard market offering, a product from our H2CORE™ range can give you peace of mind.

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Gateway Refueller™

Our mobile hydrogen Gateway Refueller™ is a field-proven and cost-effective solution to your hydrogen refuelling needs. Its small footprint and portable design provide maximum flexibility to operate across a range of locations and short lead times enable our clients to commence vehicle testing and fleet trials while permanent refuelling facilities are developed and built. With both 35 and 70 MPa dispensing, the Gateway Refueller™ can refuel your fuel cell electric cars, trucks, buses and boats with hydrogen now.

Gateway Refueller™ in Action