What We Do


H2H is a hydrogen specific technical consultancy, functioning as either owners engineer or supplying complete end to end project delivery solutions, typically in partnership with larger consultancies/project delivery partners, depending on the size of the project.

Our focus areas are:

  • Hydrogen refuelling (passenger vehicles, bus, truck, boat or other hydrogen powered form of transportation)
  • Hydrogen vehicle testing
  • Integration of hydrogen systems
    • Industrial applications
    • Stationary power
    • Power to gas applications
  • Testing services for hydrogen systems, including the design and manufacture of testing and validation systems

H2H utilises a strict Systems Engineering Process for all of our projects where we work closely with our clients and partners to explicitly define project requirements before detailing a successful implementation plan. This approach is not limited to the hydrogen system and its components, but also incorporates how this system will interface with the rest of your site, including civil and building works. Whilst many OEMs will support the individual components they supply, there is a need to have a comprehensive “whole system” approach to not only the design and construction of the project but also the ongoing operation and maintenance. H2H’s independence, coupled with proven assessment methodologies, enables a truly unbiased review of market offerings throughout the procurement process.

We actively contribute to the growth of the hydrogen industry through many avenues, including sitting on several committees of the Australian Hydrogen Council .


At H2H Energy we are committed to playing a leading role in the growth of Australia and New Zealand’s hydrogen industry. Due to our many years of real-world practical experience here and overseas, we are strongly committed to assisting the industry to avoid repeating previous mistakes and pitfalls.

We have worked with industry, associations and committees, government and regulatory bodies to provide strategic advice around the future of hydrogen in Australia and New Zealand.

H2H leverages years of working knowledge in the sector to provide our clients with the information they need to move forward with hydrogen now.


We provide hydrogen project concept evaluations through to feasibility studies, front end engineering design, detailed design and project implementation, commissioning and operation and maintenance services. These services differ from the standard market offerings due to in-depth real-world experience in the integration of hydrogen systems, leveraging our years of successful project delivery experience with our Systems Engineering process.


We reliably supply hydrogen gas to your hydrogen vehicle at the required pressure (35 or 70 MPa).

The team at H2H Energy have successfully supported the delivery of multiple hydrogen refuelling stations throughout Australia, New Zealand and further abroad. Our roles have included design, construction, installation and sustainment. We are technology agnostic system integrators with a vast network of strong relationships with system and component suppliers. We design plants with packaged vendor equipment where applicable/suitable, and also design and implement systems from the ground up where there is a bespoke requirement and this approach is required.

H2H has vast amounts of experience with implementation and sustainment of both PEM and Alkaline electrolysers. We see electrolysers as a key enabler to the greater penetration of fluctuating renewables and hence the pathway to decarbonised energy and transportation systems.


We view successful sustainment of hydrogen systems as an extremely important requirement for the success of the hydrogen industry.  The H2H team have vast amounts of hydrogen system operation and maintenance experience which we use to conduct a criticality analysis of integrated systems to determine the most effective maintenance procedures and spare parts requirements for each facility. We can also use in-house developed integrated data analysis tools to monitor plants and provide predictive fault services. Early engagement of the H2H maintenance team in the project will ensure that applicable O & M considerations are implemented into the design, hence potentially lowering the cost and complexity of O & M over the hydrogen plant’s lifecycle.


We supply testing and evaluation services for hydrogen system developers along with production and refuelling facilities including hydrogen purity, flow, pressure, temperature, energy monitoring (including optimisation service) etc.

We also supply packaged hydrogen refuelling services for events and testing, where the client simply pays for the hydrogen gas used. We work together with several vehicle manufacturers, vehicle event and testing organisations (e.g. Motorsport Safety and Rescue) and vehicle testing facilities, such as the Southern Hemisphere Proving Ground.


We believe the key to rapid growth of the hydrogen industry in Australia is through education and hands on training. In 2019 we founded H2H Advantage, a professional training and development company specialising in hydrogen training. H2H Advantage leverages years of practical real-world experience to deliver detailed hydrogen training workshops covering everything from hydrogen fundamentals, technologies and applications to safety, standards and emergency response.

Head to www.h2hadvantage.com.au to view our upcoming courses or to enquire about a training solution tailored to your needs.