Who We Are


With the now widespread recognition that the utilisation of hydrogen as a clean and renewable energy carrier is key to successfully decarbonising various areas of the energy sector, many organisations are looking to implement its use across the energy landscape.  Whilst the technology is available, the industry is in a rapid growth phase and with this rapidly developing market there are a number of new entrants and technologies to assess. H2H has a wealth of knowledge and importantly, practical experience, dealing with the vast majority of suppliers with well-founded relationships already established.  It can be challenging for many businesses and organisations to effectively assess the wide range of suppliers and technologies available.  We are in a unique position to not only effectively scope your project but also design a solution with the “real world” knowledge and experience of available products. We have proven success in integrating various components from multiple suppliers, both locally and internationally sourced. We work through the many complexities that this global sourcing presents, such as customisation to meet local standards and interface issues between vendors. H2H has a wide range and depth of trusted sub-contractor resources with working relationships developed over many years of successful project delivery.

H2H Energy is proudly Australian owned and has been operating since 2009.

Mission Statement

H2H Energy is committed to decarbonising the energy and mobility sectors through promoting and enabling the production, storage and use of hydrogen. We do this by leveraging real-world hydrogen project delivery experience and systems engineering methodology, to shorten and reduce the cost of integrated hydrogen system projects, focussing on excellence in Project Management, Manufacturing, Engineering, Implementation and Sustainment.


Cranston Polson Picture

Cranston Polson


Cranston Polson is the Founder and CEO of H2H Energy Pty Ltd. He is a hands-on Mechanical/Systems Engineer and hydrogen technical specialist and has been focussed solely on the hydrogen industry for more than 12 years.

Cranston has wide-ranging experiences with electrolysers, hydrogen storage, fuel cells and hydrogen fleet management/maintenance. He also has extensive experience with hydrogen refuelling station design, build, commissioning, and operation and maintenance.

Cranston has a Mechanical Engineering degree, and Masters of Engineering Science from the University of Tasmania.

Oriana Sanicola Picture

Oriana Sanicola

Operations Manager

Oriana has extensive experience in research engineering and operations management. She has worked in both start-ups and large institutions on product research, development and testing in the fields of renewable energy and water quality.

Oriana has a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) and a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering; University of Queensland.

Matt Meares Picture

Matt Meares

Design Engineer

Matt is a Mechanical Engineer with a practical background in the automotive industry which compliments his exceptional design capability. Matt has extensive experience in site layouts, hazardous areas, 3D modelling and PIDs for hydrogen projects.

Matt has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from University of the Sunshine Coast and is also qualified as both a light vehicle mechanic and automotive electrician.

Lucas da Silva Picture

Michal Mis

Mechanical Engineer

Michal is a Senior Engineer with 8+ years broad experience in the Mechanical Engineering & Building Services ­fields. He is highly knowledgeable in areas of general mechanical design and piping & instrumentation systems with multiple years of direct on-site experience in management of sub-contractors and supervision of building installations. Michal is detail orientated with focus on high quality work & on-going professional growth.

Michal has a Bachelor Degree, Civil Engineering; University of the Sunshine Coast

Lucas da Silva Picture

Lucas da Silva

Mechanical Technician

Lucas studied as an Electrical Engineer in Brazil although has spent his 12 year engineering career in mechanical design and build. He is a talented hands-on systems integrator with outstanding problem solving abilities and attention to detail. Lucas recently joined H2H.

Lucas has a Bachelor Degree, Electrical Engineering; University Regional of Blumenau, Brasil.

Dr Guenter Randolf - Senior Electrical and Control Engineer Picture

Dr Guenter Randolf

Senior Electrical and Control Engineer

Guenter has a long history working on technology for renewable energy and environmentally friendly vehicles. He has developed systems for dynamic Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) testing and rest-bus simulation, Hardware in the Loop (HiL) and high speed PEMFC stack test stations, multi-channel spectrometers for diagnosis of large PEMFC stacks and batteries along with measurement and automation for hydrogen refuelling stations.

Guenter has a Masters Degree in Physics, and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Technology in Vienna.

Kathryn Lloyd Picture

Kathryn Lloyd

Finance Manager

Kathryn is a Financial Controller and CPA Accountant with a strong background in financial control and reporting, combined with a broad range of accounting experience including budgeting, cashflow management and capital project financial modelling. Kathryn is skilled in creating meaningful, accurate financial reports underpinned by good governance and audit ready systems.

Tony Peebles Picture

Tony Peebles

Senior Technical Officer

Tony is a very experienced electrical & instrumentation designer and draftsman having been involved with many large-scale projects for companies including Woodside, Worley, Transfield, AMEC, Cadbury Mondolez & Tyco Fire Systems throughout his 40 year career. He has extensive experience in industrial plant installation and commissioning including Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment applications.

Tony is a qualified instrument/electrical technician with advanced training and qualifications in the following areas: Industrial Electronics, Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas, Project Management, and Engineering Instrumentation.

Christoph Claas Picture

Christoph Claas

Project Engineer

Christoph is a mechanical engineer and project manager who has been studying and working in the hydrogen field since 2010. He spent six years designing and building hydrogen refuelling station systems, followed by two years working for an international gas company on hydrogen refuelling station projects, rolling out over 20 hydrogen refuelling stations in Germany.

Christoph has a Master of Business Administration (MBA); Münster University of Applied Sciences, Institute for Technical Business Studies and a Bachelor of Engineering; Münster University of Applied Sciences, Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Tim Sawyer Picture

Tim Sawyer

Strategic Advisor

Tim is a specialist in commercial project development and implementation, environmental management, government liaison and grant administration, contract negotiation, stakeholder management, media relations, environmental engineering, and project permitting and approvals.

Tim has a Master of Business and Administration from the University of Western Australia and a degree in Oceanography with Physical Geography from the University of Southampton.

Mark Miller Picture

Mark Miller

Integrated Systems Engineering and Program Management

Mark has successfully provided Systems Engineering and Program Management support to complex aerospace, alternative energy, hydrogen, and alternative fuel vehicle projects for more than 30 years. He is the founder of an engineering services company providing design, development, test, and system implementation for the U.S. military.

Mark has significant expertise adapting systems engineering processes so that they can be effectively used in the successful management of engineering projects. He has successfully led engineering efforts for the U.S. military having a cumulative value of over $200M USD; with all projects fully meeting customer expectations.

Vince Kelly Picture

Vince Kelly

Civil Engineer

Vincent has extensive experience working on power, industrial and renewable energy projects. He has acted as civil/structural lead on numerous projects including the management of engineering teams. Vincent works with H2H as a consultant or direct employee, pending customer requirements.

Vincent has a Bachelor Degree, Civil Engineering; Queensland University of Technology, is a CPEng, RPEQ and a Licensed building practitioner, Civil Engineer, VBA.

Trusted. Respectful. Collaborative. Safe, Always.

Code of Ethics

Our team adheres to the H2H Code of Ethics
  • We will always function in a safe manner, maintaining that safety begins with each individual and no task is too important to jeopardize the use of safe practices
  • We will always adhere to safety codes, along with supplying clients with written guidelines for safe use of our products/systems
  • We treat everyone with respect and conduct all practices in an ethical manner
  • We maintain open and free communication with all employees, suppliers and clients
  • We operate in a no blame culture where problems are isolated, not the person or company
  • We build our business around informal processes, networks and relationships, based on trust
  • We continually strive to align our goals internally, along with that of our suppliers and clients, thus with the aim to achieve a common goal
  • We focus on the specific tasks at hand rigorously to achieve optimum results within the given constraints
  • We make quick decisions based on the situation and information at hand, without compromising safety or integrity
  • We understand that real gains come at the boundaries thus always strive to innovate whilst being realistic about what can be achieved